Sunday, July 20, 2014


One chilly June morning at 4 am, a family of 8 left to go on a long 3 week journey to Colorado. It was still dark, and everyone was in their favorite pajamas. The youngest, only 2 and 5 years old, shoved their feet into classy cowboy boots despite the looks they got...with their pj's, messy hair, and sleepy face.
Yes, this was our family.
We piled into our 12 passenger van with so much stuff we could hardly move!
Leaving on June 27 so early in the morning, made us pack the car the night before with everything but the food. We went to Colorado for a support trip and vacation, totaling 3 weeks of travelling and staying the night at loving and gracious homes.
I will be posting for each place we stayed at, with pictures of the beauty and some of our friends and hosts.
So first stop from Wills Point, TX was Dumas, Texas...about 71/2 hours drive. Most people probably could have made it all the way to CO in one shot (being only 14 hours drive), however with 6 kids, 2 of them being quite young still, we decided it'd be best not to attempt that : )

Little Levi
Me listening to music
Julia and Micah chilaxing

Lone house on the prairie : )

Nap time!
And of course the best picture ever when you've had to go to the bathroom for 2 hours and no exits! This is where we stayed in Dumas.
Thunderhead that produced lightning.

My brother Anthony playing around with my camera and the lighting in the room against the window.

Our view from the room in the morning.
After spending the night there we left after breakfast and headed through New Mexico to get to Colorado!
A large hill or mountain in NM

Micah at a pit stop for a snack before lunch.

Volcanic looking mountain.

Levi's prized goldfish...thinking we might even have it for his birthday dessert : )
Well, the next stop is Monument Colorado! Tune in next time for more....
He is worthy and greatly to be praised

 Olivia Grace


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