Monday, February 9, 2015

My Perfect Husband

As I wear this purity ring every day, I am reminded of someone Wonderful. Recently, I have been admiring it more and more, thinking about the beautiful and Perfect Husband I have.

No, I am not married to a man here on this earth, but rather am the Bride of Christ Himself. He is my Husband, and He is the most Perfect One. I have nothing to fear, because I know that He will protect me, provide for me, take care of me, shelter me, and love me. He is all I need. 

Sometimes girls wonder when they're going to get married, try and guess who they might marry, and be on the look-out for 'the one'. I must admit I've been one of those girls. Not that it's bad, but rather something that we shouldn't dwell on. It can be a very consuming thought, to say the least. Yes, you do need to prepare and talk to God about the type of man He wants for you, think about highly important qualities that are necessary in your man, prepare yourself and your heart for being a wife and servant, etc. But it can't be your only thought in life. Take these moments that you have of being single, and use it for God's glory. Think about Christ as your Husband. Dwell on Him. Pray for your future man, whoever he may be. Don't become discouraged about not being married now, but instead see it as an opportunity to do something amazing for the Kingdom before you run off in love with the one. There is a particular reason God has you in this single season…and why would any other plan be better than that? He is obviously waiting and preparing your man to deal with, and love on you. If you mess up those plans and marry someone else in your hastiness, you will most likely have a rough marriage. Who knows? Maybe your man is ready and waiting, but God has some work to do on you? 

To the men that read my blog, the same goes for you! Pray about your future wife, wait patiently for His timing, use this time of being single for His glory. God knows and you can trust Him to show you the one, to be content, and to let God be your Bride until she comes. Don't mess up His plan. Take time studying God's Word, becoming the man He wants you to be, learning what it means to lead a home, to be a father, to show pure love. Us young ladies are praying for that type of man. Learn all you can about Christ and His Son. Do things for His Kingdom that you wouldn't be able to do while married. Know that He is the One you can trust, that you can lean on, that you can learn from. He is Faithful.

God has really helped me be content in my singleness, and shown me the man He desires for me…or at least the type of man I need. It has helped to pray for him every day, asking God to prepare him to be an amazing husband and father some day. Praying that I will be ready to serve, submit, and love this man. I am now content to wait until whatever age He wants, to marry whatever man He desires, and to use this time for His glory, that all the nations may see Christ. In the meantime, He is the One, the only One I need and desire and until my wedding day, or the time I get engaged, this purity ring will remain on my left ring finger as a reminder of my Perfect Husband…and His great love for me.

He is worthy and greatly to be praised

 Olivia Grace

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