Sunday, August 10, 2014

Steamboat Springs!

Yay! I have now come to my favorite part of the trip: Steamboat Springs, Colorado. It is a quaint and blooming town with an elevation of 10,558 feet. There were many things to do here, and the one my siblings had the most fun doing was tubing down the Colorado river! I must say I lost my chance to face my fear of lakes and rivers and oceans, due to that very fear itself. But I had fun doing many other things : )
The snow-peaked mountains on the drive up. There were even small random patches underneath the trees next to us! And let me was the beginning of July.

We got a family photo on the 2nd day of being there after having a potluck dinner. There were about 49 of us total...the biggest family reunion most have ever heard of! We still had around 20 or so people that couldn't come...which makes a family of 60 : ) I must say they are very fun.
The back row: Grandpa Jim, my grandpa (Norm), grandpa Chuck, and grandpa Jim
Front: my grandma (Ginny), her sister Meg, and other sister Wanda. One sister was not there due to health issues (grandma Rosena) and she passed away into the arms of Jesus yesterday.
My favorite family there...the Sawyers!
Back row: Jennifer, Adam, Linda, Robby, Rose, and Irene
Front: Dan, Jim Jr., grandpa Jim, and Steve
An even better looking family (no favoritism involved : )
Back row: Anthony, Julia, mom (Kristin), dad (Rich), me, and Dominic
Front: Micah, grandma Ginny, grandpa Norm, and Levi
The great looking aunt Wanda, her husband Jim and Grandpa Jim (who married grandma Rosena and had the Sawyer clan)
Hangin' in the meeting room
Right before our hike (below)
Grandpa and Abe Lincoln
Micah enjoying his lap : )
Micah, and Levi playing putt-putt golf
3rd cousins being silly!
On the 3rd day of being in Steamboat, our family decided to take a hike to the base of a waterfall. Then a few of us, along with our 2nd cousins Dan and Steve (both married), and our 3rd cousin Adam.
The beginning of our hike up to (or rather down to) the waterfall.

A family picture with the waterfall behind us!

Pine cones!

A panorama after having climbed a long ways to get to the top of the waterfall.
Cousin Adam at the base of the second waterfall. Unfortunately I wasn't well enough to hike to this spot, so I had to wait at the top of the first waterfall for them.
My dad trying the water out...

The hike was about 2 1/2 miles long, and was extremely strenuous. We had to take breaks every few minutes to catch our breath, but though very hard it was well worth the beauty!

On the 4th day of our stay I decided to hang out with the Sawyer family, while the rest of my family went miniature golfing, and tubing. I was really glad I did, because we went to the botanical gardens, walked around, took pictures, and listened to the C Street Brass band in the park, which consisted of 4 different trumpet type instruments. Afterwards, I got to enjoy the best taco salad ever made by aunt Irene, with all the Sawyers!  Here are some pictures I took while walking around the gardens:

An awkward pic of uncle Dan and aunt Jennifer : )
The Colorado state flower.

We also had fun swimming every day for a few hours, walking around downtown looking at all the shops, hanging out with all our cousins, aunts and uncles, and grandparents (1st 2nd and 3rd), and take naps after being in the sun all day.

Next up is a surprise...of our last day in Steamboat which probably ended up being the best. And I took about 200 pictures of it so therefore it has to be another post in and of itself  : )

Hope you enjoyed looking through this long post of pictures!

He is worthy and greatly to be praised

 Olivia Grace

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