Thursday, August 7, 2014

Light of the World

I know I'm supposed to be posting pictures about Steamboat Springs, but I wanted to take an intermission and write about something the Lord taught me the other day.
Early in the morning around 6:10am, my dad and I went to pick up some people in our bus, and take them the hour and a half commute to work at Gospel for Asia. It was still dark out, and everyone was sleepy. Many were snoozing (or trying to), some were reading books for their upcoming class, some were praying, and still others were listening to either music or sermons. I felt challenged and blessed by the fact that these young people my age, were giving up a whole year of their life to learn more about dedicate their lives to Him and serve in the Ministry He called them too.
Then I noticed the sun. It was coming up over the trees, houses, and businesses. Most people I assume, are somewhat attracted to the sunrise, and the light in the sky after driving in the dark. After you wake up in the morning, you know its time to get up when it's light outside. You notice the light sometimes subconsciously, without even knowing...every day. Every now and then, it even determines what you do that day: if it's cloudy with a potential for rain, you may not go swimming. If its sunny, that is the best day to do it.
As I was watching the sun come up the other day, I was suddenly reminded of the common verse in Matthew 5:16 where He says,
 "Let your light so shine before men that they may see your
 good works and glorify your Father in Heaven."
I thought about that verse, and then took it apart.
"Let your light so shine before men"
So our Father is telling us...not just saying if you want to, but rather a let His light shine through you for everyone to see. To be that beacon on a hill. The lighthouse.
"that they may see your good works"
He wants you to be noticed, to do good things for others and stand out. Not in a prideful attitude, but rather in a way that the Lord wants you do things with a giving heart. Because that in and of itself is attractive. Not many people these days are very giving, most are selfish and prideful. So to be a giving person out of love, its a rare and amazing thing.
"and glorify your Father in Heaven."
Well in all honesty, I was a little taken off guard by that last part to glorify the Lord. I don't think I truly understood what it meant until that day I saw the handiwork of God painted in the sky. He wants you to let His light shine through you, through your good works and acts of kindness, so that everyone will see and acknowledge the Lord Jesus Christ living in you. Our Father deserves glory and honor and praise, and one way to tell the world about it, is to be that light that everyone sees. The sun in the sky. The true Sun shining right through your being and lighting up the world, showing them the Jesus is the One and only True Lord.
There is only one problem with this...and you are the only one who can fix it. The way to let His light shine through you, is to first and foremost have a deep relationship with the One shining. If your relationship is strained, or you are not very close right now, your light will be dim if at all there. No one will notice Jesus in you, because you don't notice Jesus and take time out of your life to notice Him and learn more about your Father.
So the only way this command of Christ can be accomplished in you, is to first build your relationship with the Light, then surrender your all to Him, let the Light shine in your life through your smile, your generosity, your acts of kindness, your love for His Creation...His people, and then praise the Lord, praying for those who notice to understand the Light in you and glorify Him the praise and glory and honor that is due His Name.
So will you let your Light shine?
He is worthy and greatly to be praised

 Olivia Grace

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