Thursday, June 26, 2014

Jesus' death and resurrection

Life can be hard sometimes. That's how it's been for me. I'll have some amazing moments, and some really bad ones. I can be really happy, or really sad.
The past few weeks have been pretty difficult in relation to my overall health, and it has caused some very discouraged moments. 
I don't feel well, and it makes me saddened.
My brain doesn't work right and I become confused.
My heart and chest feels sick and I am half scared.
I hurt sometimes.

But I've decided to think about Jesus Christ whenever I don't feel right.
I'm not sure why I never thought of this before, because it is a really humbling and almost encouraging experience!

I grew up knowing the Bible, knowing about how Jesus died for me to pay the price of my sins, knowing that He came back to life on the third day, and that He will once again return to take me home. I knew it all. I believed it all. And I still do.
But I never related Christ's death, to my sickness.
If you read The Case for Christ, Lee Strobel does a really detailed job of what He probably went through on the Cross from a doctors perspective.
How His bones were snapped.
How He was beaten so badly, that He was unrecognizably covered in blood.
How difficult it was for His lungs to breathe due to the horrific position He was in, stretched out on the Cross.
How lacerated His body was, severing muscle tissue, arteries, and skin.
How little muscle He had left in order to pull Himself up to breathe.
How hard His heart had to work to try and keep up with all that He was loosing.
How His immune system had to work trying to get the bacteria and germs out of His system.
How He probably had pieces of glass and metal in His body causing agonizing pain.
How they put nails through His palms, and feet crushing the tissue and bones in the way.
….and all this happened after staying up all night long in the garden of Gethsemane.
He was thoroughly fatigued. Exhausted. Worn out. Broken.

And He willingly did this for me. And for you.

How does my problems in life compare to that of Jesus' pain and sorrow?
It doesn't. At all.
The suffering He experienced so that we may have Eternal life, is almost completely unimaginable. He could have saved Himself by doing some miracle. But He didn't. Because. He. so. loved. us.

So when you suffer, just think about how much Christ suffered.
When you have the stomach flu, think about Jesus.
When you have a splitting headache, think about Jesus.
When you have been diagnosed with cancer, think about Jesus.
When you have a disease, think about Jesus.
When you break your arm, think about Jesus.
When you have back pain, think about Jesus.
When you have a seizure, think about Jesus.
When you stub your toe, think about Jesus.
When your stomach hurts, think about Jesus.
When you have a cold, think about Jesus.
When you have an asthma attack, think about Jesus.
When you feel tired, think about Jesus.
When you are alone, think about Jesus….because you are not alone.

He did this for you. Would you do that for Him?
He loved us, and still loves us that much. Do you love Him like that?

After Jesus died, He was resurrected 3 days later. The only scars on Him were the nail holes, otherwise, you wouldn't have any clue what He had just went through. And one day, we will be resurrected too. Once we have finished everything God planned for us here on earth, He will take us Home to be with Him forever. And we will be healed. There will be no more pain, or sorrow, or sickness, or disease.
Does that sound nice or what? 
We have a hope. A hope that we will get better. Whether in this life or the next, we will. And in the meantime, we will have to suffer, and think about Jesus. And thank Him for what He graciously did for us on that Cross of Calvary.

He is worthy and greatly to be praised

 Olivia Grace

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