Friday, September 5, 2014

Indian Hills, CO

The last stop we made was Indian Hills, Colorado...or otherwise known as Morrison. It was an absolutely GORGEOUS place, set in the Colorado mountains. The couple we stayed with were so sweet and graciously allowed 8 people to crash--and try not to trash--their house. They spoiled us to pieces with gourmet food...and well, just a lot of food and choices.
We had a thunderstorm every afternoon, to the point that parts of Colorado were flooding. Supposedly it used to do that about 20 years ago, but they had been in a drought since then. It was so neat to experience the rain everyday, especially up in the mountains!
The amazing hamburgers!!

One of the many deer's we saw.
Our view!
Levi and Micah
Mommy and our hostess Mrs. Steinhoff
Me : )
We went hiking and got back right before a thunderstorm!

We hiked up to a historical marker...a large family home that was struck by lightning, caught fire, and these are the remains. The dad built a railroad track in order to send up the building materials to that part of the mountain, and it took a couple years of doing this to complete. His wife died after living there for 7 months, and then a year later, this happened. They had about 6 young children who lived there too.
The fireplace

Selfie with my little bro!! Together, we climbed up some rocks and hung out up there for awhile. It was so fun!
Mr. Cutie Pants

Not sure if you can see it very well, but there is Downtown Denver in the background by the horizon.

Dominic wanted to pretend like he was falling off the cliff...and I'd say it worked pretty well!

Selfie at a park

Julia, Dominic, Anthony and I decided to take our own hike without a trail, up a mountain right next to where we were staying. It was super overgrown, and there was a huge storm rolling in. We also were quite worried about bobcats, since we were in their territory. No, we didn't get struck by lightning, and no we did not see any bobcats...but we did find out later that we had just climbed up Bear Mountain...for that very reason. I must say it was a fun and yet terrifying experience!

At the top of the mountain
Storm coming in while hiking

Alright, that is the end of our 3 week journey. It was amazingly beautiful, and way too long : ) It was so nice to be able to come back home and sleep in our own bed. Thank you for reading, and I hope it was interesting enough!

He is worthy and greatly to be praised

 Olivia Grace

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