Wednesday, July 3, 2013


My prayers go out to the brave firefighters who lost their lives in the front lines of the Arizona fire.  They did all that they were trained to do.  What more could you ask?  Now everyone is questioning whether or not they should have been pulled out earlier. . .but what can you do now?

This is the only surviver of the one hotshot team that perished.  Firefighter Brendan McDonough, only 21 years old.  Such a young man, with such a brave heart.  Please be praying for him as he deals with the shock of loosing 19 of his team members.

May the Lord comfort these families with the comfort only the Lord can give.  May He give them a peace, knowing that He has a plan for everything.  May He guide them to Himself, the one who loves them with an everlasting love.  

 I'm sure our dear Father is just as grieved as the families are. . .He is even interceding for them!  What a comfort it is to know that our heavenly Father is praying specifically for each individual family, during this tragic time.  He knows and understands what they are going through.  He is with them, even when they don't see it.  

Please pray for these dear families.

He is wonderful and greatly to be praised.


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